The Magic Of Photo | Understanding modes






Understanding Your Camera's


Different Modes






“The camera makes you forget you’re there. It’s not like you are hiding but you forget, you are just looking so much.”

-Ansel Adams



Aperture Priority





In Aperture Priority mode, you set the desired aperture and ISO, and your camera will sets the shutter speed accordingly. Aperture is represented on your camera with an F-number.



If you look at the rear of your camera’s LCD screen you will see your current F-number. Slowly rotate your camera dial to change your F-number.


Photographers use Aperture Priority because they want to have control over the depth of field. Depth of field is the area in your photograph that appears to be in focus and sharp.



Tip! When in Aperture Priority mode one of things to watch out for is that the shutter speed may drop to a setting that’s too slow to prevent camera shake. If that happens, raise the ISO to ensure you have fast enough shutter speed, which will help you combat camera shake.











The photograph below was taken with a very shallow depth of field. The out of focus area in the background is known as bokeh.














Shutter Priority




In Shutter Priority mode, you set the shutter speed and ISO, and the camera sets the aperture accordingly. Shutter Priority comes in useful if you want to set a specific shutter speed to prevent camera shake.


It’s also handy if you want to set a fast shutter speed to freeze motion or a slow one to experiment with motion blur.




For the most part I use Shutter Priority for anything sports related and when I want to maintain a consent shutter speed for a particular scene.








Aperture + Shutter Speed

  1. Which of the following apertures is the smallest opening?

  2. f/2.8

  3. Which of the following apertures creates the shallowest DOF (blurry background) in your image?

  4. f/2.8

  5. You are taking a landscape picture and want a large DOF what aperture do you use?

  6. f/2.8

  7. You're in Manual Mode and need to change from f/2.8 because your picture is too bright.

  8. f/1.8

  9. You're in Manual Mode and need to change from f/16 because your picture is too dark.

  10. f/8

  11. Shutter speed settings controls the look of your image by...

  12. Controlling depth of field
    Blurring or freezing motion
    Making it darker

  13. If you want to photograph a NASCAR race which mode should use?

  14. Aperture Priority
    Shutter Priority

  15. If you go from shutter speed 1/125 to 1/500 what did you just do?

  16. Made your shutter faster
    Made your shutter slower
    I have no idea

Let's see how you did.