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Online DSLR Digital Photography Class $125






The Magic of Photo has been teaching digital photography classes in one form or another since 2009. This course is intended to demystify digital photography. Our mission is to make digital photography easy to understand and digest for the person who is just picking up their first DSLR. With the purchase of this course you will learn how to take your camera off of AUTO and capture better photographs.  The classes are broken up into easy to understand segments where you can follow along at your own pace.





Currently, I offer two photography workshops one is an online-based workshop and the other is a hand’s on face-to-face course. Both courses are introductions to photography. With this online-based course you will focus on learning to shoot on Manual Mode with a DSLR. The class is built around my approach that less is more. You will not be bog down with complex terminology that you have to goggle to understand. You won't find lots of posed images or spectacular scenery, which will give you the feeling that this course is way out of your league. This course was created with the very beginner in mind, the mom that wants to capture fleeting moments, the dad that wants to get off Auto, the grandma wanting to learn the basics. I am honored you took the time to visit this site and I would be thrilled to join you as you seek to expand your knowledge of photography.


What is the style of the class? 
The course is online in a private ‘classroom’. After you've purchased the course you will send an email to  From there you will be emailed a link where you will have access to the course for 4 weeks. The course is broken up into the segments listed below.






Your camera

Understanding modes

Taking better pictures


Exposure triangle

Manual mode

Focus points


White balance





This not a video course but some segments of the class do have short videos to help you grasp the concepts. You will be able to read the material and ask me questions at your own pace. It is designed to allow you ample time to get through the content and practice. Some students spend a little time each day, while others spend chunks of time on the weekends. The course includes numerous photo examples of everyday life for each section. You will be encouraged to share your photos on our Facebook fan page throughout the course for discussion with other students.



What this class is not: 
This is not a class for professional photographers or those wanting tips on creating a photography business. We will not touch on post processing I will answer questions only regarding course curriculum in the context of the class (please me with email your questions), any personal discussion on advanced topics is not included. This is also not a class for those that already understand how to shoot in the full Manual mode.






Here are some of the reviews from previous classes:


My wife and I took the class with Andre and it was great. He helped us learn more about our cameras. He helped us to take better photos. I would highly recommend this class to anyone just learning about their camera or wanting to take better photos.

-      Camm K.


He never made me feel inept or clumsy with my camera.  If anything, my confidence level has increased and my interest in the whole field of photography has reached a new peak.  That, in and of itself far exceeds the money I spent for the class.

-      Sophi S.