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Can you do real photography with iPhone?

One of the most popular iPhoneography misconceptions is that the iPhone cannot be used for serious photography. While professional cameras have superior technical capabilities, the quality of any photo mostly depends on the photographer’s intent and creative vision.
If equipment was all that matters, anyone with an expensive camera could take amazing photos, but we all know that’s not the case. If you learn from the free tutorials listed on this page, your iPhone photos will actually look better than those taken with an expensive camera.
Classes start at $99 for a two-hour hands-on workshop
If you want to take your iPhone photography to the next level this is the class for you.
Here is what you receive for your hard earned money!
Simple step-by-step instructions on how to use your iPhone camera to take the pictures you want to take.
Open Q & A's session about your camera, setting, focusing etc.
iPhone Features that every Photographer should know.
5 iPhone Photography PDF’s to help you get started.
An introduction to social media sites where you can share your photography.
Basic editing tutorial.
Capture great images at a beautiful location in the Inland Empire workshop & photo walk ( Fairmount Park, Sylvan Park,Civic Center Park) and San Diego workshop & photo walk (Presidio Park, Balboa Park).
You will receive my personal e-mail, phone number, and Facebook fan page so I can check on your progress.
You can call, email and text me at any time
Classes are held once a month Saturday or Sunday in Riverside and San Diego
One on one classes can also be scheduled through Facebook or by sending an email to
Here are the Apps you need for the class.
1. Snapseed
If I could only have one photography app on my iPhone, I would probably go for Snapseed. It’s the app that I have used for editing more photos than any other photo app, and often it’s all I need for post-processing. If you need a universal easy-to-use photo editor, you can’t go wrong with Snapseed. And if you’re only getting started with 
Strengths: Powerful easy-to-use photo editor
 Weaknesses: Some effects introduce excessive grain

Price: Free on App Store

2. VSCO Cam
VSCO Cam is a great camera replacement and photo editing app. Its greatest strength lies in simple one-tap editing presets that can be used to add a unique classic-photography look and feel to your photos. Most-one tap editing apps have terrible filters that will only ruin your photos, but VSCO Cam effects are a lot more subtle, and they almost always look great.
VSCO Cam also offers some really great custom editing options, such as the ability to add tint to the highlights or the shadows of the photo separately. If you’re looking for an app that can easily add a classic photography look to your photos, you can’t go wrong with VSCO Cam.
Strengths: Great one-tap effects and custom editing options
 Weaknesses: User interface can be confusing at first

Price: Free on App Store

3. Camera+
I tried many camera replacement apps until I finally settled for Camera+. Of course, there are other apps with similar functionality (e.g. ISO and shutter speed control, manual focus, image stabilization etc.), but none of them are as elegant and intuitive as Camera+ is today.
Besides excellent camera controls, Camera+ also comes with powerful photo editing tools, which are a great addition to the other photo editing apps mentioned in this report.
Strengths: Powerful camera app with great
user interface

Weaknesses: Reviewing photos that were taken could be easier

Price: $1.99 on App Store (prices change often)
4. Slow Shutter Cam
Even though apps like Camera+ now allow you to control the shutter speed of your photos, the longest exposure you can create with your iPhone is only 1/2 of a second, which is not enough to create serious long exposure photography.
However, Slow Shutter Cam allows you to overcome this limitation of the iPhone camera by digitally combining multiple exposures of the same scene into one beautiful long-exposure
photo and the resulting photos are often breathtaking.
Strengths: Takes beautiful long-exposure iPhone photos
 Weaknesses: True long-exposure photos look more natural

Price: $0.99 on App Store (prices change often)