"Pictures must not be too picturesque."

- Ralph Waldo Emerson




If you’ve purchase this class that means you’ve decided to enter the exciting world of DSLR cameras. At first glance it may seem like a daunting proposition but fret not. Within a few lessons your camera will become very familiar to you. I am here to give you step-by-step instructions that will help you demystify your camera and allow you to explore all the exciting possibilities that a DSLR camera can bring to you.




So you decided to purchase a DSLR camera that’s great. Now comes the task of learning what all those little knobs and buttons do.  If this is your first camera please takes some time to look over and study the manual that was included with your camera. This will ensure that you are familiar with some of the features that may be specific to your camera model. Once you have a basic understanding of your camera we will begin to expand on your knowledge and open up a whole new world of possibilities. After taking this course you will have clarity on the fundamentals of photography. From there you will use your basic understanding to master the intricacies and take your photos to another level.




With the basic understanding of photography and all the necessary components it takes to produce an image under your belt you will start to see an improvement in your photographs. Regardless if you fancy yourself a portrait or landscape photographer you will notice how you approach a scene differently before snapping a picture.




Your knowledge of the core key principles of photography will aide you throughout this course. That foundation of knowledge will be the key to your development as a photographer and will enable you to produce images that stand out from the pack.